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"Products & Services"

Weddings (Indoor or Outdoor)

A day that you will always remember.

We are here to provide professional service, and personal touches that allows you to choose your music. Allow us to assist you with creating a special event indoor or outdoor, 


We keep your guest on the dance floor all night.

It is time to celebrate the commitment that you both just made to one another for the rest of your lives. Our professional team turn up the volume for your creative party list that you provided, from the first dance all the way to the dollar dance, Our team will take care of all your introductions, announcements, bridal lineup and coordinate your entire reception Allowing you to be worry free on a day that you will never forget. 

Wedding Planner/ Event Planner (Basic  Coordinator) & MC Service

No Worries

Our team provides the best service for coordinating your ceremony or event. This will allow you to be stress free on that day. We allow you to have total hands on with all of the planning from start to finish. We also provide a MC for any services, making all announcements e.c.t.

Wedding Anniversaries

A Day To Remember

Allow our team to help you celebrate the years of your marriage by providing a professional service for your special day. We can help you with your ceremony, cocktail & dinner for a day that will never be forgotten.

Sweet 16 Parties

Party in the house

Your sweet 16 party will be the talk of the town,

We allow you to choose your music and we take it from there.

From start to finish with our experience keeping the dance floor full

and keeping your party energized all night.

Private Parties

It's Party Time

Our team will give it all we got to keep your party fun and exciting with your favorite tunes, party lights and more.... We also allow your guest to request their favor tunes to get them totally involved for an awesome party that you will never forget.

Corporate Events

We will set the roof on fire

Give your employees what they deserve with a party of their lifetime. Allow our team to provide a fun and exciting atmosphere so your employees can dance all night with some of the best tunes on the chart. We will also make all of your company announcements and we can provide an extra microphone for special remarks from you or your team . 

Special Events/ Community Events

Fun time with your community

Plan your community event with our team assisting you all

the way with music, games, activities and more. Our team will provide you with sound and will play your favorite tunes for a successful event Indoor or outdoor.

School Events/Proms & Graduation Ceremony

Students on the dance floor

Your students will have the opportunity to hit the dance floor with fun and friendly music that they pre select and we only play the edit version of each tune from start to finish. We provide a professional atmosphere for your students to have a fun and exciting night. 

Dance Floor Lighting

Light it up

We provide the best LED & laser lighting to spark up your dance floor moving with the sound of the beat of each tune and dancing around the entire room to energize your event with a spectacular look.

Up Lighting Package & Rental

A spectacular look

We provide up lighting (any color) for weddings, parties, anniversaries, and any event, giving the venue a spectacular look. Our team pre program each lighting before we arrive at your event to what ever color you desire, uplighting can play a major roll for your event function. We also provide uplighting rental which we can deliver and set up and pickup at the end of your event.

Live Sound & Audio Engineering Service

Quality Sound & a Professional Recording

We provide a radio voice over commercial for businesses, whether it be a promotion, sale or just advertising your business.Our team put together a commercial that will start your business on It's way. A professional sound using the best technology. 

Voice Overs

Quality Sound & a Professional Recording

We provide a radio voice over commercial for businesses, whether it be a promotion, sale or just advertising your business.Our team put together a commercial that will start your business on It's way. A professional sound using the best technology. 

CD Recording & Transfer

The Best High Quality Recording

Our recording is the top of the line recording on to CD's, Mp3 or Mp4 or transfer using our today's technology for a professional and quality sound. We can also provide duplication for CD's. 

Sound System Repairs & Installations

Prompt & Reliable Services 

Our team is devoted to resolving your sound Issues for quality sound. We are equipped to Install most sound systems and give your system that professional tune up and upgrades.

Adult Birthday Parties

We have the best DJ's for this special Occasion

We help make your party exciting by preloading your music beforehand for your party, our DJ's also take request from your guest on the day of your party so your event can be one that you will never forget. Your Sound Man DJ Service work hard to give you the best birthday party that you ever had. 

Custom Gobos & Monograms

For any Event

Our staff pre- design gobos your products, services, or team members to visitors. Double click the images to choose one that represents what you are highlighting. Click the green + button at the bottom to add a new row.

Dancing On The Clouds (Fog Smoke)

For Weddings or Anniversaries

We offer dancing on a cloud of fog smoke for the bride and groom first dance, a anniversary dance, a special dance at a sweet 16 party or any other event. This product provides a awesome feature and look for a special moment at your next event and we promise that this special moment will never be forgotten.

Screen & Projector

For Any Event

This service offer a screen, projector and computer for your next wedding, party, corporate event, business meeting, workshop, conference or any event. Our equipment provides a professional quality picture in HD for a successful event. We can load and edit your Images with any music and any order of your choice.